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Alpine Bass Package – ABP1

1.00 out of 5
    • Alpine MRV-M250 Mono Digital Amplifier


    • Alpine SWA-10S4 10 inch Subwoofer


  • Bassworx SW10B Single 10″ sealed wedge subwoofer enclosure

Alpine MRV-M250 Mono Digital Amplifier

Born Tough, Raised Strong

Tens of thousands have relied on V-Power amplifiers for dependable, quality power. Now in their fourth generation, V-Power amplifiers carry on this heritage and prove that playing strong never looked our sounded better. Yes, it is possible to improve upon a good thing.


Alpine SWA-10S4 10 inch Subwoofer

SWA-10S4 10″ Subwoofer (4O)

Subwoofers That Pay Homage To The Power And Energy That Bass Adds To Music

BASSLINE™ subwoofers were born from the collaboration between Alpine and Far East Movement, sharing one thing that is true to our hearts – music you can feel. Building on Alpine’s long heritage in subwoofer engineering, we assigned our best and brightest engineers to work with Far East Movement to create a subwoofer line that could spread our passion for deep, hard-hitting bass while being budget-friendly for anyone to enjoy. These subwoofers will keep your wallet light, your bass heavy and will let your music Play Strong.


Bassworx SW10B Single 10″ sealed wedge subwoofer enclosure

Bassworx SW10B Single 10″ Sealed Wedge Subwoofer Enclosure

Bassworx delivers the best enclosure solutions, resulting in peak performance from your subwoofer system. Quality craftsmanship, high-tech woodworking equipment, and years of experience ensure each enclosure is built right every time.

Every Bassworx enclosure is machined with accuracy, utilizing the latest in CNC automated fabrication. Rabbet and dado assembly ensures the strongest enclosure with an air-tight seal at every joint.

No expense is spared and no corner is cut when it comes to designing and producing each and every enclosure. When you purchase a Bassworx enclosure, you are getting the best!

Key Features

  • High power handling
  • Extremely small footprint
  • Internally braced
  • Side-mounted terminal
  • 5/8″ MDF construction


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